PE Central's LOG IT

Tips for Success for Teachers

Here are some quick tips that may be helpful as you embark on using Log It with your students.

  1. After you register your school and class go back and register as a student (pretend you are 10 or so) so you can understand what a student will go through when they register. This way you can teach them how to register more quickly. (Remember, you can register the kids yourself under the Manage Classes section.)
  2. After you register remember your first class name is set up for you so we recommend going in and changing that name to reflect a class or a school name. To do this go under Manage Classes and then click on Edit Class Profile.
  3. You can have all of the kids use the same password but user names need to be unique.
  4. May want to have the kids register with a UN and PW they are already using on another school project.
  5. If you want to have the entire school in one then name one school your school name and tell the students to register under the school name and the school name as the class.
  6. Do not make logging your steps/miles mandatory. Remember the Internet is not always reliable.
  7. Let your students know they can only log 6 days back. So they need to keep up!