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I want to pass on to you how very important your site has become to me son. Derik is 14 years old. He has had six open-heart surgeries, and will have to have more as he gets older. He is unable to participate in many parts of his PE class at school, which is why Millie got him onto your site. It has become a religious experience for him to log on and see if he's any closer to Albany from Harrisburg. If he doesn't have at least 11,000 steps a day he does laps around my livingroom so he can "see more red". Thanks for making a site, that makes my son feel "normal"! It's made an incredible change in his attitude about what he can't do - here's something he CAN DO! Would you pass it on to whoever needs to know.

My name is April Rakestraw and I teach PE in North Carolina. I just want to let you know how much your program has helped me. It is GREAT!!! Last year I decided to start a pedometer program for this year. My biggest challenge was trying to keep up with all the steps. You have solved this problem for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This program is so easy to use and I was so glad to get you e-mail about the new update where we as teachers can go in and correct errors that have been made. With that new update this program is definitely top of the line. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this program and I hope that you will continue this. My kids love seeing their progress. The monthly reports are great to print out and let the kids see how they are doing as well as their class. Thanks again for your dedication to the Physical Educators in the world. I greatly appreciate it.

I just checked out "Log It" and I love it! I set up my own profile and I'm going to use it to track my running this summer. I am trying to get ready for a 1/2 marathon so this will be good incentive! I love the profile set up for classes and individuals, I like all the tracking devices in the middle of the screen, and I am a big fan of the "my hike" feature on the right. This is so cool!

Good Morning! What an exciting program you have developed. As the Coordinator of Health and Physical Education for Clayton County Public Schools, I am very interested in how we could set this up in as many of our schools as possible, through my office. Is there someone I could talk to about the possibilities? This excites me so much because it involves everyone in an activity they can do every day, anytime, anywhere. I look forward to hearing from you and applaud your efforts on behalf of children. Thank you very much.

This is such a great concept!!! I especially love the idea of learning about state capitals that I hike to. I also like all the people stretching. Makes me want to be fit and healthy just looking at them! (As I sit in my chair at the computerů) Congrats on such a fine site! Below are some thoughts as I surfed around.

Bravo for creating this activity, it is a winner, very cool. I was planning on doing the same type of activity manually but this is just what I needed.

I love the sites! We have class sets of pedometers and I am really looking forward to a LOG IT school hike!!!

Hi! I really love your new sites log it and kids quiz I use it everyday in my classes.

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