Log It Features

Description of the Site:

Log It helps motivate kids to become, and remain physically active, by allowing them to log their daily physical activity steps or miles. In addition to recording their steps or miles, they can participate in a virtual hike across the USA with their class, be involved in class competitions vs. other classes, set daily goals, view their own personal step log, and compare their steps with other kids of the same age and gender.

Log It handout (PDF)

Limitations of the Site:

Not designed to have teachers enter class step totals (e.g., total 25 student steps/miles in one class period and enter into Log It). Students need to register individually so they can enter steps throughout the day including at home.
Students can only log up to 6 days back! (Teachers can log student steps for them up to 21 days back)
Students can enter only up to 25,000 steps or 12.5 miles per day. Day changes at midnight. They can add to their steps throughout the day. 2,000 steps = a mile.

Students Can:

All previews are shown with screen shots only so they are not clickable. You need to register first.

Participate in a Group Hike Across the USA with their Classmates
Participate in a Challenge Hike Competition across the USA
Set their Own Daily Goals
Enter Steps/Miles/Kilometers throughout the day up to 25,000 steps a day
View their Log and Compare their progress to other Students

Teachers Can:

View their student's progress
Add steps for their students up to 21 days back
Register their students and Manage their Classes
Issue a challenge to other classes and schools
Print certificates for their students with updated student data on the certificate.

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