Kids Quiz FAQ's

Can kids answer the questions from home?

Yes, they can answer the questions from any computer that has an internet connection.

Are the questions randomized?


How do we get the questions?

Questions can be submitted by teachers who have registered for the Kids Quiz. All of these submitted questions are reviewed by our advisory team before published on the site.

What are the dates the Kids Quiz will be open throughout the year?

Unfortunately the Kids Quiz cannot be open for the entire year because we mail all of the prizes for the winners to the teachers at the schools. The dates we are open will be from Aug. 15-May 15.

Can kids submit a question?

Yes, but it needs to go through a teacher. We will review the question and see if it will be published on the site. If it is S&S will mail a $50.00 gift certificate to the teacher at the school.

What age was the Kids Quiz designed for?

We recommend 3rd grade and up.


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