Log It FAQ's

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Do you charge any money to use Log It?

No it is free to use for everyone.

How does registration work?

Teachers register their school and classes first. Then have your students register where they will create their own user name and password and they need to choose the school and class you set up when you registered. If you as the teacher do not want to have the students register you can go to your Manage Classes section and register the students for them. Make sure to write down the UN and PW and distribute to your students.

Can parents register?

You bet! We encourage it. Just choose Teacher at the first part of registration and make up a name of an organization/school and a class name.

How many steps/miles can my students enter per day?

Up to 25,000 steps/12.5 miles per day. They can enter throughout the day but cannot exceed either of those numbers.

How many days back can students enter steps/miles?

Up to six days back only but teachers can log up to 21 days back. If you are a student just ask your teacher to log them back for you.

How far is it in between state capitals on the virtual USA map and how far is it around the total USA map?

Distance between State Capitals on Virtual USA Map (Total Miles Around USA: 10,726)

Can my students enter their steps, miles, or kilometers at home?

Yes, they can. They can enter any where they have internet access.

How can I set it up so that my entire school can contribute to our progress as opposed to individual classes?

When you register set up your first class and call the class the name of your school. Then tell all of your kids to register under your school and then have them choose the class (the school name as mentioned above) you set up. If you prefer to have only your individual classes count towards the progress then set up several classes such as "5th grade phys ed", or "Mrs. Smiths 4th grade", etc. You can set up as many classes as you like under the Manage Classes link after entering your user name and password and then click on create new classes from there.

I want all my classes totals to be combined to move our whole school around America. Can this be done? If I set up all 9 classes, will the totals I enter daily be combined on the map, or will I have 9 separate groups moving?

Sure, you can set it up to have all of your kids in your school contribute to your hike around America. To do this tell them all to register under your school and choose the class that you registered. If you set up 9 different classes then the kids that register for the different classes will only count towards the hike progress around the USA.

In addition to my public school teaching, I also teach a college class in which I have the students complete a physical activity journal for 8 weeks. I would like to have them log their miles on Log It. Should I register them as a different school? Will I be able to register a 2nd time?

To have your college class enjoy Log It you do NOT need to register again. Go into Log It using your user name and password and then what you want to do is set up another group. You do this under the link on the left hand side called Manage Classes. Then click on the link in the paragraph called "create new classes". Then complete the form setting up the new college group name. Then tell your college class to "click register here" from Log It and then have them choose College Student or Student and they also need to choose the original school that you registered and then they choose the new group name that you chose and then that should be it.

We asked all our students during PE class in one day to walk as a fitness activity to contribute to Log It miles. Not everyone is registered to Log It or able to join the program. Is it possible for me as the PE teacher to enter an entire class/school's mileage total into Logit at one time? Example: 260 School Miles accumulated in one day with 500 students.

Unfortunately, Log It could not handle that kind of entry. The cap on the total steps that one can enter is 25,000 steps a day or 12.5 miles. We are not sure how else we can accommodate you and your students to help solve this problem. Kids that do register under your school and class can log their steps or miles from home as well as school so maybe that will help.

Do I, as the teacher, have to enter students names as members?

No, have your kids register by clicking on the Register Here button on the front page of Log It. Then they choose your school and the class that you have set up from there. You can register kids however under the manage classes button after you log in as the teacher.

Do I have to register twice for both Log It and the Kids Quiz?

No. All you have to do is register for one and that user name and password will work for both. Therefore if you register for Log It you can use that user name and password to partake in Kids Quiz.

Who can participate in the Log It program?

Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, YMCA', Boys and Girls clubs, businesses, individuals and kids. Kids must have a teacher register their school first. Teachers or businesses register their school or business along with a class or a department and then they have the kids or employees register. Then kids or employees can enter at any time to record their progress by typing in their user name and password. Individuals simply have to register and then type in their user name and password when they want to record their activity progress.

If I register as a teacher / group leader of a class will that class also be available in both Log It and the Kids Quiz? In other words, do I, as a class leader, have to have my kids enter their registration twice?

You only have to register your class once and you will find your class names, etc. in both Log It and Kids Quiz so all they have to do is type in their user name and password for both. Please do not have them register once for Log It and once for Kids Quiz.

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